Holly Fischer
My current work is inspired by the dangerous and alluring beauty of carnivorous plants and poisonous underwater creatures.  These seductive and deadly forms readily become metaphors for our culture’s inherent mistrust of female empowerment and common fears regarding gender fluidity.  My work explores the tension of binary restrictions that create an artificial separation between feminine and masculine qualities.  Sensual, undulating forms depict an ambiguous mix of anatomical features, alluding to the dynamic and perpetual act of becoming one’s gender.  I seek to embrace dualities through the morphing of seemingly incongruous attributes to form new identities that are at once familiar and strange, mysterious and beguiling. ​​I hope that upon seeing this work, observers will have mixed feelings of apprehension and intrigue. The shiny pops of color and meticulous textural elements beckon a closer look, while spiny projections and visceral crevices and folds may make one second guess the initial desire to touch.  I hope this subtle tension between viewer and object will encourage observers to question the nature of their fears and desires and contemplate assumptions regarding beauty, gender, and sexuality.