Holly Fischer

Sculpture Statement

Painting Statement

I hope that upon seeing this work, my audience will be initially struck by a sense of familiarity. My goal is that identification with the forms will draw viewers in for a more intimate look. I am orchestrating a coy, manipulative dance between viewer and object:  every curve and line is intended to seduce, but as spaces between fantasy and reality begin to emerge, the viewer may begin to question his or her initial expectations. I want viewers to experience a rush of sensory delight just as a wave of discomfort begins to dawn. I hope this conflict breaks the spell of seduction and encourages a social engagement with sexual politics by questioning stereotypes and challenging the traditionally assumed structure of the gaze. The dynamic of looking and being looked at fascinates me. I am intrigued by the rich complexity of emotions inherently tied to both the role of the observer and the observed: emotions that span the spectrum from pleasure to guilt and from objectification to empowerment. I want my art to embrace the full expanse of responses with the hope that much of my audience will teeter on a precarious edge of uncertainty and question the source of their own fears and desires.